Employee Giving Program

"The BC Club"

Bloomfield College Employee Giving Program

Faculty and staff like you are the core of this institution helping us move our mission forward each and every day. You are passionate about our students to achieve excellence in the classroom, perseverance on the court or to overcome the financial burdens many of them face each semester.

As you know, Bloomfield College is a unique institution with a powerful mission. The over 2,000 students we serve each year are profoundly impacted by the work we do and are moving forward in their lives to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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Ten years ago, the College embarked on a robust Library Campaign with over 90% of employees participating in the Employee Giving Program. We want to get back up to that number but we can't do it without your help. As we embark on the future, we are broadening the ability for you to direct a gift to an area you are passionate about to include not just the Bloomfield College Fund, but the Bloomfield College Scholarship Fund, Atheltics, the Library, our 7 academic divisions and more!  

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Become a member of the “BC Club” today. Thank you for your dedication and commitment.

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