Giving Thanks: Student Notes

Bloomfield College students would like to thank donors like you who make their incredible educational experiences possible.


“Thank you is a very small word to describe how grateful I am for your scholarship assistance. Your generosity to my education gives me the confidence I need to keep going. My family is deeply grateful for such kindness. I will make sure that I keep excelling in every class.”


“With one more semester left, I am determined to reach my goals. I am determined to win. I am determined to stay the course. With your assistance, I am very confident that I will do just that.”


“Thank you for being a scholarship donor. Since you have established your annual fund, I have been able to fill the financial gap that I am faced with. You have showed me and other students the importance of giving back to Bloomfield College. We will do the same.”


“The world needs more generous folks like you. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Palmer for helping me at this time.”


"My dream of becoming a nurse is coming true due to your generosity. Thank you very much for awarding me this scholarship and for being so generous to Bloomfield College students like me.”